Jane Sloan Astrology

  a journey of mind body and soul

Jane has been providing my daughter and I with ‘cosmic forecasts’ for a few years now. She was able to shed light on the astrological reasons behind the health issues my daughter encountered earlier in her life, and further provided us with some lifestyle strategies, nutritional recommendations, and insight on when these periods would ease. The accuracy and timing of her messages were such a saviour in my life as they served as a much-needed umbrella when I needed protection from the ‘rain’. I remain divinely inspired by how she humbly translates the divine language of the cosmos so I can be my best light and love-filled self. If you’re wanting to reveal energetic patterns that may be preventing you from achieving growth, be reconnected with your uniqueness, Jane will provide you with practical guidance in the most loving way possible.  

~ Nadia

The goal of astrology is the alchemy of personality. It is to transform chaos into cosmos, collective human nature into individual and creative personality.    Dane Rudhyar

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