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The natal chart is a picture or map of the celestial alignments taking place in the sky at the time you took your first breath. Through this unique landscape we can identify psychological themes that drive your desires and innate needs.  We will bring clarity about your inner wisdom, to get the most from your strengths, talent and how to use the challenges you are likely to face, in order to expand your awareness of who you are, and your inherent potentials.

natal chart consultation

90 mins   $145

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This session is geared to those who are returning clients or who have a solid understanding of their natal chart.  This is an astrological perspective of the next 12 months where I will give you an overview of the planetary weather so that you can take advantage of the energies operating with you and how you can lean into the more challenging time periods to gain the most benefit.  I use techniques such as transits, progressions, solar arc, and annual profections.   

year ahead forecast

60 mins   $100

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This consultation focuses on identifying and explaining the inherent needs of the child, their emotional nature and learning styles.  I will identify key moments of change and development, along with strategies that will provide practical guidance to help support the child.  

children's charts

60 mins    $100

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This is a perfect focused reading if you want to get to the heart of a specific matter - love, career, purpose, or just feeling stuck in some area of life.  Ideally for returning clients or if you want to get a taste of what an astrological reading can offer you.  

   have a question?

   30 mins   $60

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 Relationship Consultation

90 mins   $150  

The relationship consultation explores the dynamics and chemistry between two charts. We look at how you express as a couple as well as your individual needs within the relationship, including understanding the different listening and coping mechanisms present and how to support each other during times of stress.  It is a beautiful dive for those wanting to deepen understanding and compassion for the development of a supportive union.  

*both parties must consent to having the reading and best utilized with both parties present.

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Electional Astrology is the art of casting a chart for the beginning of an important moment - i.e. launching a business or website, a time to send an important or influential email or a wedding date.  This is an intentional 'birth' where you can harness the most aligned moment to support the most favourable and desired outcome.

Electional Consultation


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