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Institute of Holisitc Nutrition Graduated First Class Honours

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My Experience with Jane Sloan


Being sick for 6 months and suffering from a multitude of allergies and sensitivities was a nightmare to cope with. I was taking over the counter and prescription drugs on a daily basis, which were no longer effective. My mom recommended that I go and see Jane to see how she could help me. Not knowing what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised by the comforting and non-invasive analysis and consultation that I experienced with Jane.  I have seen her for absolutely every concern or symptom that I have had from mood swings to severe food sensitivities. I developed severe sensitivities to bananas, kiwis and latex when I was 28 years old.  I never thought I would be able to eat a banana or kiwi again and now I can. I love nutritious food and feeling healthy. Jane has been able to balance my diet and work with my sensitivities to enable me to feel and look great again by eating the foods I’ve always loved and that my body needs. Jane will always be a part of maintaining my healthy lifestyle.


Thank you, 


"Jane is a compassionate and  skilled practioner, her knowledge and sensitivity has brought great healing to our family"

r xo

About me

Certified Metabolic Balance Coach

Dr. Wolf Funfack

    I grew up with the 'typical North American' diet. When I hit my early teens I suffered from migraine headaches, body pains and steady weight gain.  

    I struggled with weight issues until my late 20's when I became pregnant.  At this time my diet and attitude towards food changed drastically.  I was drawn to alternative health practices - herbs, homeopathy and the study of food as nutritional therapy.

My pregnancy was blessed with an energy and vitality that I don't remember ever having.  I became intune with the foods that made me feel 'good' and those that dragged me down. I changed careers and became a Certified Aromatherapist, Certified Reflexologist and Second Degree Reiki practitioner.      

    My love and knowledge of food continued, but it wasn't until my son began to suffer digestive and immune imbalances that I pursued formal education in Nutrition.  His health improved by changing the foods in his diet and using therapies to reduce his body's negative response to certain foods.

    The next major influence in my personal healing journey came after some difficult life events.  In search for emotional and psycholgical support, the key came through astrology.  It was the tool to open up an indepth understanding of what makes me tick, my vulnerabilites, my strengths and why I was experiencing each life lesson.  

    My transformation continues as does the need to feed my body and mind.  I am blessed to have in my reach the most amazing teachers, healers, and access to a bounty of glorious food to nourish my life. 

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