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About me

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I have always been drawn to the mystical side of life, of energy, healing and spiritual practices that connected me with the natural laws of the universe, cycles and patterns.  I would say I floated aimlessly searching for 'my purpose' right up to my Saturn return at age 28/29 when I started formal studies into many fields of interest - including aromatherapy, reflexology, massage, herbology and nutrition.


I began officially studying astrology with Julie Simmons in 2010 during one of the most challenging periods of my life.  As my world was turned upside down, learning astrology initiated a journey for my own healing by means of understanding the complexities present in my natal chart and therefore in my life experience.  It was like I found the language in which I could finally understand and communicate the depths of my feelings. Reading the natal chart became vessel for my intuition and a means to tap into resources that each and every individual can use for their own growth and life path.  

I absolutely adore my work and am grateful everyday to have astrology as my guide and as a tool to empower and guide others.  I combine both modern and traditional techniques in my readings and my readings are an interactive experience where the client steers the direction of the session.     

Institute of Holistic Nutrition - Graduated First Class Honors

Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner

Member of IONC The International Organization of Nutritional Consultants

School of Traditional Astrology

Practitioner Level Horary Astrology Certification

Kepler College

Magical Elections Certification with Nina Gryphon

Judith Hill Academy for Astrological Medicine

Astrological Herbalism, Traditional Gem and Herbal Antidotes for Planetary Conditions

Current Studies:

Archetypal and Holotropic Astrology with Renn Butler 

Mercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology - Diploma Program

Year 2

Served on the board for Astrology Toronto, a non profit organization serving the Toronto astrological community 

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"Jane has been providing my daughter and I with ‘cosmic forecasts’ for a few years now. She was able to shed light on the astrological reasons behind the health issues my daughter encountered earlier in her life, and further provided us with some lifestyle strategies, nutritional recommendations, and insight on when these periods would ease. The accuracy and timing of her messages were such a saviour in my life as they served as a much-needed umbrella when I needed protection from the ‘rain’. I remain divinely inspired by how she humbly translates the divine language of the cosmos so I can be my best light and love-filled self. If you’re wanting to reveal energetic patterns that may be preventing you from achieving growth, be reconnected with your uniqueness, Jane will provide you with practical guidance in the most loving way possible."

~ Nadia

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"Jane is a compassionate and  skilled practitioner, her knowledge and sensitivity has brought great healing to our family"

~r xo

"Thank you Jane for the reading today.  You communicate beautifully, and very clearly.  I feel you have found your niche.

The information you imparted was profoundly moving for me at this moment in time.  It both answered some questions for me, and provided clarity as to the reasons for my journey being where it is, and where it has been.

Quite confidence has come to me from your reading. A lovely feeling that I don't need to prove myself to anyone but the soft power in me can help me and others, to fulfilment in this lifetime.

You are a true blessing to me."


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"Thank you, Jane, for being more-than-someone who interprets the movement and the relationship of the stars.  You truly are a spiritually inspiring intuitive who has blessed my life immensely through your astrological readings. Thanks for all the guidance and direction you have provided my family over these years.  Your messages are exactly what my soul needed to hear (even if I didn't know it at the time!)"

~ Amit

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