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Early Spring Power Salad

Hello Aries….I have not forgotten about you – I am Aries! The onset of spring is typically a busy time for me and this year is no exception. Finding a few quiet moments is a challenge. Playing in social media is not in my comfort zone and so takes me time to navigate the venue… and time and patience are not my strong suit! I put this together early in the Aries season and finally posting.

I accepted an invitation to dinner that was to take place at the end of March. The fact that dinner was in Montreal (when I live in Toronto) didn’t faze me. The fact that dinner was to be a full on meat fest, laden with pork (which I rarely eat) also didn’t faze me. That dinner would be with a friend and eight other strangers...that was the dare!. I am Aries through and through. My Sun and Mars both reside there. I love a thrill. In fact I have an unconscious magnetic pull towards the danger zone. But I tend to hide out on the introverted side of the social scale. Timid around strangers, awkward with social pleasantries, one of my worst fears is being stuck at a party where I don’t fit in and have no route to escape. So as the dinner day grew closer I harnessed some needed courage and went all in! I consciously prepared for a grand time with grand people, and a night out for dinner became a weekend of culinary decadence with ten fabulous humans! From the first message, handshake, hug, we were a tribe…bonded by a love of adventure and gastronomy.

This astrological year I am introducing the idea of the 12 biochemical cell salts for preventative health maintenance. I have stumbled upon the practice of cell salts in almost all my research on medical astrology. In typical Aries fashion- I jumped right in experimenting with the cell salts for myself, and in typical Aries fashion- the cell salts fell to the side as I soon forgot them after the first dedicated week of trial. So this year I will begin again to be the experiment in this practice… and I will let you know how it turns out. Dr William Schuessler brought the practice of the biological cell salts into modern practice. It was identified that 12 inorganic mineral salts were present in all the body’s cells and were necessary for the proper functioning of the body. I believe it was Dr. George Carey and then Inez Perry whose research linked them to each of the 12 astrological signs. And it has been the work of Robert C. Jansky who has tipped my interest in this practice. The use of cell salts is not a ‘fix’ and as a nutritionist I would caution anyone who absently applies this practice, just as I would with any herb or natural therapy. The cell salts are used to replenish deficiency where one is prone and therefore aid in optimal cell function. There are many theories as to which salts should be supplemented according to the astrological chart and I will discuss this as we make our way around the zodiac. Most agree that a person should take the cell salt that correlates to their sun sign and the sign opposite. Kali Phos (Potassium Phosphate) – Aries cell salt Potassium phosphate is found in all fluids and tissues, concentrated in brain, nerve and serum of muscle tissues. Potassium phosphate combined with albumin and oxygen forms the grey matter of the brain. It is used up during heightened mental activity, and is taken for many imbalances of mental stress – depression, insomnia, anxiety, headaches, and nervous tension. It is also indicated for skin conditions where there is a lot of heat – itchy irritation and burning.

I prepared the Aries meal, the day before I left for Montreal. Typical Aries, classic Jane, my day was busy and food was deferred to the end of the day. So I went in search of Aries appropriate fare. A quick stop at the veggie market for beets, radicchio, onions and asparagus. I went to my local butcher, who usually has some organic chicken roasted for dinner time, but it was 1 minute to closing and they were all gone. Lamb sausage it was! I had a local goat cheese in the fridge at home and my ingredients were set. Dinner was served in half an hour.

Aries Early Spring Power Salad Serves 1 (it is an Aries meal!) 1 lamb sausage (or protein side of your choice) 1 tsp coconut oil ½ radicchio roughly chopped ¼ sweet onion sliced 5 or 6 asparagus stalks with the end trimmed 2 small beets sliced (you can find organic precooked beets now!) 4 or 5 chunks of artisanal goat cheese (this one was called Young Kid – very Aries) 5 or 6 fresh basil leaves julienned Olive oil Balsamic vinegar Salt and Pepper

In a pan heat coconut oil on medium heat and add your lamb sausage (cook 2 and have left over meal the next day). Cover with a lid and cook for 10 minutes, turning occasionally. Remove lamb sausage to cutting board and pour out most of the fat from cooking. Add the radicchio and onion and sauté in the remaining fat until wilted and onions are soft. At the same time you are cooking the sausage, steam the asparagus until bright green (3-5 minutes), then set aside uncovered. Plate the raddichio and onions with asparagus, beets and sausage. Top with goat cheese and fresh basil. At this point I started eating and it was so delicious I didn’t need the dressing. Add a generous drizzle of olive oil and a scant drizzle of balsamic vinegar, a dash of S&P and enjoy!.

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