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Gemini Morning Power Tonic

This Gemini season has been AMAZING! I just got back home from UAC in Chicago.. the biggest astrology conference in the world and I am full of love and kinship and gratitude for the wise women and men who have nourished me with insight, knowledge and inspiration. I wrote this Gemini piece before I left....

I woke early this morning with a buzz in my head. Busy ants filled my dreams last night and so I rose itching, excited and raring to go. My mind full of a dozen tasks I need to accomplish...for I have me some plans in this Gemini time! In a couple of days I am headed to the United Astrology Conference in Chicago, and when I return to TO, I’ll have three more days of Hellenistic tutelage with Chris Brennan. Some might lament sitting for 9 full days of lectures, but not me! I am excited as the child who is heading off to Candyland. I’ve even started counting the sleeps before I go...3...2... Gemini rules my Midheaven, and this confused me for a long time as I don’t feel very Mercurial, even though Mercury does rule my chart. Let’s just say my Mercury is complicated! But I have always worked with my hands, a very Gemini thing. I spent too many years to mention waitressing and bartending, while juggling being a mom and constantly enrolled in school for various hands on trades like massage, reflexology, reiki, applied kinesiology, herbology and nutrition. In my ‘spare time’ I would be cooking and baking. I have always had the desire to learn and learn more. That craving is never satiated, the knowledge I gain is never enough, so for me to go away just for the pleasure of learning is a treat and a blessing. Oh yes, there are a whole gamut of activities that I will squeeze in while I am in Chicago. It’s a city I have always wanted to visit, so I have researched the neighbourhoods, the bike share, the music scene....I had better get my sleep now! Gemini is symbolized by the twins, which represents our dualistic natures – left and right, masculine and feminine, dark and light, logic and the irrational. This airy sign is ruled by the planet Mercury, the messenger of the gods and shape shifter of sorts, who could traverse the heavens and the underworld with ease. Gemini’s mission is to gather information in its will to understand. Gemini says “I think”. This mutable sign is busy, dexterous, multi-disciplined - the jack of all trades. Gemini’s sharp wit and cunning intellect can dominate conversations and exhaust you with his/her diffusion of unending information. We find Gemini’s rulership in the body through this symbolism of twos, as it rule the shoulders, arms, hands, the lungs, the respiratory system and tubes in the body – Eustachian tubes of the ear, the fallopian tubes connected to the uterus, the bronchial tubes, and the ureter tubes from the kidney’s to the bladder. Mercury rules the nervous system and plays a key role in the anxious, over-doing nature of the Gemini. Typical afflictions to the Gemini include respiratory infections, asthma, nervousness, anxiety and restlessness. Rest and sleep is one of the best medicines for the Gemini – restoring brain and nervous system. Magnesium and a B-complex would also be of great benefit, as magnesium relaxes and the B vitamins are essential for stress, anxiety and over-activity. Good foods for Gemini include asparagus, green beans, beets, carrots, cauliflower, spinach and celery... but whatever the food is one should eat slowly and consciously. Herbs that benefit the Gemini disposition should sooth the respiratory membranes like mullein, slippery elm, horehound and marshmallow. Vervain, licorice and angelica will aid as nerve tonics. With the Gemini’s busy and active lifestyle, there will be a craving for quick pick me ups like caffeine, or sugar. I would suggest super foods like blueberries, cinnamon, and good quality chocolate for that fix! So what to do for my Gemini meal??? There is no time for a sit down dinner or even shopping for food...but I am sure I can muster up enough super powered ingredients in my fridge and cupboards to make a brain invigorating, energy sustaining morning shake. Here is what I pulled out: Hemp seeds, bee pollen, freeze dried Maqui berry powder, raw cacao nibs, protein powder, magnesium citrate, cinnamon, coconut water and Brain Octane- a modified coconut oil or MTC oil. At the last minute I found some coconut cream and strawberry mixture I had used to ice a cake with – a dollop of coconut milk and a strawberry or two would substitute  This super antioxidant, brain fueling, energy beverage will keep me singing all morning as I buzz around to finish all my tasks. Gemini’s Morning Tonic (serves 1) In a blender or magic bullet or using an emersion blender add: 1 tablespoon bee pollen 1 tablespoon cacao nibs 1 heaping teaspoon Maqui powder ½ cup coconut water Blend this mixture well to crush up the cacao nibs, then add the rest of the ingredients ½ cup more of coconut water 1 Tablespoon hemp seed ½ teaspoon cinnamon 1 teaspoon magnesium powder 1 Tablespoon of Brain Octane ( or MCT oil or coconut oil) 1 scoop protein powder of choice Optional: add more berries, coconut cream or coconut milk to make a little thicker Blend for 30 seconds or so, pour in a glass and enjoy! The cacao nibs may not totally blend and you will find little ‘nibbles’ in your shake. I love it and crunch up the little bits. It also helps digestive juices if you ‘chew’ your drink. Some will not like the texture and you can replace with a good cacao powder instead.

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