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Virgo Last Minute Summer Salad

It’s late summer and the Sun has made its pass into the sign of Virgo. Change is in the air – its back to school, back to work, less time at the cottage, dig out some blue jeans, get the lights on the bike and into a new routine! For me it’s a time to check in with my wellness regime. Time to switch up that coffee for lemon and ginger or lavender tea, take a pass on those cold refreshing beers I seem to be enjoying every hot day (which has been every single day!) It’s time to renew a membership at the gym or yoga studio.... I haven’t decided which is the most practical fit for my daily groove. I have two courses lined up to exercise my mind and feed my zest for more knowledge, more skills and deeper analysis. My Virgo Ascendant loves this time, loves a bit of order, loves keeping busy and loves doing it all with systematic efficiency. To be fair, I do not always run with systematic efficiency! Sometimes the cup of responsibilities runneth over... mostly, I seem to be able to function amongst the chosen chaos. Virgo is a Mutable Earth sign, which right away makes me think of the cycles of nature. The seed that is planted, grows, changes form, ripens and is harvested. Virgo is the goddess of the harvest. Her gifts are those that come from the natural laws of birth and death...and she scorns those that abuse those laws. Virgo is sensitive and critical of that which is unjust and will take it upon herself to ‘fix’ what is wrong or whom is in error by her standards of what should be just so. But mostly she is critical of herself, never feeling she has reached the level of perfection she so desires (I believe this is a trait learned from the ‘reign’ of the patriarchy – with the fixed star Regulus now in Virgo, there is bound to be a shift in Virgo’s self perception). The planet Mercury rules both Virgo and Gemini. Where Mercury in Gemini is fast, outgoing, chatty and dispersed in plenty, Mercury in Virgo has an inner manifestation that is self analyzing, discerning and tends to express itself with more reserve...Virgo wants to be sure she’s right before she spouts off. In the body Virgo rules the pancreas, the intestinal tract and the spleen. One of Virgo’s gifts is the ability to breakdown, discriminate and assimilate, which is the main function of the small intestine, and where I see most imbalances show up for the Virgo native. In the pancreas, Mercury has domain over the splitting action of sugars into glucose. Worry and anxiety are keywords for this sign and the spleen is the seat of excess worry. It is common to hear that Virgo’s are obsessive about their health and I have seen more than one Virgo with a tendency for hypochondria and many who have developed eating disorders. Although the nervous system is not directly ruled by Virgo, Mercury does rule it, and therefore it should be included. Virgos do well with good whole foods while avoiding processed food in general. Gluten is the enemy of the small intestine, so anyone with digestive complaints of gas, bloating, IBS, constipation, diarrhea etc would benefit greatly by avoiding it. A B-Complex and Magnesium are keys for stress, over work and over worry... in fact most people could benefit from both. Tonics for the digestive system are carminative herbs like fennel, dill and caraway. They all make a lovely tea. Virgo’s are earthy and so very sensual. The use of essential oils as a tonic has always been a favourite remedy for me. It always shocked me when people told me I was the most grounded, calm and peaceful person....oh ya...Virgo does not always let on the amount of inner mental turmoil they are going through. My go to essential oils are those that are very earthy, so very grounding like vetiver and patchouli. Mix with a little lavender and orange or grapefruit and it’s an elixir for my senses, tonic for my racing mind. September is here and my Virgo piece is scheduled by a deadline... and I am late. So whipping together the imperfect article ...letting go of any expectations except to get it done as best as time allows. This is big for a Virgo rising girl! It’s a holiday Monday and I need to make a meal. My day has been full of interruptions and computer malfunctions...I almost gave up. One of Virgos talents is a knack for alchemy so I foraged the fridge and found a meal fit for my practical, and health conscious sensibilities  Virgo’s Last Minute Summer Salad (serves 1) A handful of mixed greens 1 field cucumber finely sliced ½ cooked chicken breast chopped ½ avocado sliced 3 slices red onion ½ roasted yellow pepper coarsely chopped ½ cup sauerkraut 8 olives ½ small lemon juiced ½ tsp Dijon mustard 2 Tbsp olive oil A pinch each of Sea salt and Pepper Plate mixed greens, avocado, chicken, red onion, yellow pepper, sauerkraut and olives in a visually appealing arrangement. Put lemon juice, Dijon, olive oil in a small jar and shake vigorously until emulsified and drizzle over salad. Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste.

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